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Are you planning your web hosting needs for 2008? Maybe you are ready to buy a web hosting plan for a new blog site or that online video family website you're planning? Then it's a great time for you or your company to consider the following tips for a successful year of hosting! By following these simple steps, you can not only save money, but also ensure that your website has its most successful year ever.

Tip 1: Upgrade to an Annual Plan - If you are happy with your hosting provider, consider moving to an annual payment basis. By doing this, you can benefit from a lower prorated monthly rate. If you are looking to transfer to a new web host, you might also wish to consider an annual plan as they often come with no set-up fee. Even better, consider the discount of adding a 2nd year onto that annual hosting plan; sometimes adding the 2nd annual time period results in very little extra cost since you get a web hosting discount on the first year as well. For example, Creative Web Hosting offers a 1 year hosting plan. Learn more------------link it here